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Roger Chung - CEO MXC

Over the years, MXC has been trusted by more than hundreds of major corporations to help defend against cyber-attacks and through these experiences created a cybersecurity risk management framework to protect customer business data, a software intellectual property called Black Diamond to correlate and analyze security events, and a collective human intelligence solely for the purpose to address cybersecurity incidents and recovery. From these solid foundations, we have also created three sets of distinct and yet inter-related services stated above.

Simply put, MXC is an independent, vendor-neutral cybersecurity consulting services firm. We have a full-time team of cybersecurity professionals, who understand different vendors’ technologies and can work in a multi-vendor environment. MXC has a proven track record to create lasting business value across a wide range of industries be it in internet banking, virtual finance, electronic trading, online insurance, internet services, data centres, e-government, airlines booking, and online logistics that are parts of Asia’s digital economy.

Our Beliefs

Cyber threats and crimes are sweeping across industries, causing mounting economic losses, damage to service reputation, and increasing customer mistrust - It is no longer a matter of "if" but "when" your business come under attack. Be prepared! Because we are thriving in an ever-changing digital economy.

In this huge and exciting digital economy and yet vulnerable to exploitation by dark and unknown forces, we believe our corporate customers need a professional cybersecurity team with collective human intelligence who is thinking like a hacker, by their side to navigate through a digital journey to success. Responding to that need, MXC consultants are equipped and ready to serve, whether in the middle of the night, our team goes to work keeping your digital business safe, secure, and operational, 24×7.

What are the lessons learned from Cyber Security incidents in the past year?

While the digital economy presents significant business opportunities for companies, it also brings great challenge, which is brought about by cybersecurity risks, ie. data breaches and customer records exposure.

According to the Identify Theft Resource Center (ITRC), the number of data breaches was lower in 2018 as compared to 2017, but the numbers of records containing or personal information being exposed, jumped a whopping 126% to 446 million in 2018. That shows the scale of each reported data breach, which is average 358,000 customer personal records per data breach.