What We Do

What We Do

Motivations for Building a SOC

Our SOC continuously monitors and proactively alerts any known threats with concrete samples that allow you to locate exactly the source of the threat, level of impact and any affected area. Clients could be well prepared before the threat of becoming a security incident. Actionable recommendations will be provided for resolving the immediate matter, while preventive actions follow for avoiding similar potential threats.

Big data technology - Black Diamond

Powered by the leading-edge big data analytical platform, MXC developed Black Diamond is equipped with a proprietary correlation engine that detects anomalies and analyzes event logs from all ranges of devices. The synthesis of these two correlation methodologies fertilized recursive correlation for an in-depth analysis of any security log on existing systems.  


Alongside the implementation of a SOC, organizations shall employ a set of controls and processes to enforce compliance and information security. Our experts could apply these security measures in accordance with your infrastructure and network behavior. 


SOC focuses on the ongoing operational components of your organization information security while capturing and monitoring the network behavior of the devices and security system.


Analysing the captured data, our security team would detect anomaly behavior to flag suspicious events, proactively identify security breaches and continuously adapt to the organization network behavior.


Our team of security professions will coordinate with the organization’s in-house security team in resolving security breaches and mitigating the risk of reoccurrence. 

Client Results

Our Approach

Truly successful SOCs utilize security automation to become effective and efficient. By combining highly-skilled security analysts with security automation, organizations increase their analytics power to enhance security measures and better defend against data breaches and cyber attacks. Many organizations that don’t have the in-house resources to accomplish this turn to managed security service providers (MSSP)