What We Do

What We Do

What does it mean to be ISO 20000 certified

In this digital age, information technology is at the core of most organizations, its success lays the cornerstone for success and being ISO 20000 certified is a way to ensure the quality of your IT service management.

Building a service management system






How does it help your business goals

  • Improve your image and credibility
  • Obtain higher productivity
  • Integrating IT with your business process
  • Reducing the cost of IT

Client Results

Our Approach

We can help you to gain ISO 20000 certification by:

  1. identifying opportunities for improvement;
  2. prioritising IT improvements to achieve the greatest business impact, without pushing you towards particular technologies;
  3. bringing a clear focus to your ITSM/ITIL® project based on our real-world experience to ensure that you stay on track and within budget;
  4. building a convincing business case for ITSM/ITIL with the board;
  5. avoiding the pitfalls (and there are plenty that you need to be aware of);
  6. implementing truly efficient supporting processes that deliver well-defined results and are right for the way your organisation works;
  7. introducing metrics that will clearly demonstrate your success.