What We Do

What We Do

Finding the right person

The role of an ISO is not an easy one, he or she must deal with a wide variety of scenarios, overseeing security infrastructure and consult on the management of an organization’s information security. Even when organizations are able to acquire the right person, he or she would need months of training to get up to speed with your organization needs. As your organization grows so does the required bandwidth for your security team and its size would be the bottleneck of your company’s growth.

Scalable and flexible engagement of vISO

MXC vISO is the service of an aggregate of a team of security expert acting in alignment to support any organization needs. Leveraging our expert knowledge in the security field, we are able to quickly understand your security program and strategize the appropriate response and plan for the next step. Optimizing the service level for the given engagement ensuring your organization deliverables are secured and achieved on time.

Reduced business risk

The act of hiring a key employee is a big decision and a major investment especially when information security is crucial to any organization’s projects. The search of the right person may be arduous and time-consuming and while you embark on this voyage, your organization remain under threat every day.

Client Results

Our Approach

  • Our vISO aims to supplement your in-house capabilities and bolster your data protection plan. Use our vISO to empower your financial firm, smother cyber threats and meet exhaustive industry regulations.
  • A cost-effective, customized, scalable information security program
  • 24/7 real-time security monitoring and management
  • Our vISO services never sleep. Your IT infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted availability and performance. You’ll have continuous visibility into your network: the size and sophistication of threats, the safeguards we’re using, and the level of risk. Our automatic risk reports provide real-time analytics and forecasting data at critical intervals.