A regional engineering, construction, service company wish to build a secure application development team

A construction company focuses on a number of major construction project in Hong Kong.  Headquartered in Hong Kong, its reputation for delivering high quality projects throughout China and Southeast Asia, as well as offering innovative solutions and services to their customers.


They have an annual turnover of US$2 billion, and employ over 8,000 staff, including one of the strongest technical teams in Southeast Asia. They have a world-class engineering, construction and services group.

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2 billion

annual turnover


staff force

What brings them to MXC

Just like other non-IT company, with information technology (I.T.) is being their core business cyber security is not integrated with their culture especially among non-experienced developers. Not having a security or coding guidelines in placed, managing and deploying security controls during the development life cycle has proven to be a challenge.


  • Lack of security awareness for new joined employees and no security controls when doing their developments such as mobile and web applications.
  • No guidelines to help the I.T. department to align the security controls throughout the company.
  • These factors lead to the application security quality could be various with different PM and could bring more cost and time to fix vulnerabilities when found in a later stage of the development cycle.
  • These also lead to either development that cannot meet the schedule or go-live with risks.


MXC professionals was appointed as their security coding trainer in order to improve their new employees’ development security awareness and refreshment for their experienced employees. As the result, the training can align the security awareness across the team to improve the application quality within budgeted costs and time. 
Introduced SSDLC to pinpoint the important of security controls and guidelines throughout the development cycle in order to improve their development quality and effectiveness.


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