Security assessments with an international service organization

An organization internationally recognized as a world class, top quality professional body that serves the business community and public interest of Hong Kong and contributes to the sustainable development of Hong Kong as a leading international business and ­financial center. 


The organization contributes to and influences the future of the global profession. It contributes to the development of the profession in Mainland China. The Institute gives clear, decisive and innovative leadership to a ­financially – and business – attuned accountancy profession in Hong Kong. It supports Hong Kong’s role as one of the world’s leading ­financial centers and upholds the core values and public spirit of accountancy.


The organization has more than 43,000 members and more than 18,000 registered students. Members of this organization are entitled with a professional title to prove their professional in the market.

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43,000 members

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Penetration testing

What brings them to MXC

As this organization is a leader of their professionalism and they entitled their members and students with a professional title. This bring their attention of the cyber-risk threats. In order to maintain their trust and reputation of their organization and members, the application they are currently using required no risks that could bring destruction of their data integrity, availabilities and confidentiality. 


They also worry about the entitled / marking system which is able to modify to score with unauthorized system users since the marking system have multiple users who are responsible to perform different part in the marking scheme.


  • A penetration test is needed to perform to find the risk and vulnerabilities that could cause their system and applications defenseless against the data. Their most concern were the data’s CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availabilities).
  • If any vulnerabilities brings one of these measure fail, their organization’s trusts and reputation could be no longer representative.


Maximus or MXC CSS team was appointed to perform several penetration tests on their current systems / applications.

The penetration tests were perform in grey-box approaches and luckily several high risk vulnerabilities were found during this test and they had performed the remediation immediately with our recommendations. 

As a result, although those systems and applications were running quite a while from now but they have also eliminated the potential risks which could lead to lose their reputation.


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