Financial services group looking to raise security awareness for their company

The company commenced its operations in late 19 century and acquired one of the Hong Kong based leading securities, growing quickly to create a well-regarded, multifaceted financial services group with a formidable presence in Hong Kong. With over 400 sales professionals over 700 staff members and they are holding 12 trading rights on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange.

The company employs over 400 sales professionals among over 700 staff members and has established an unrivaled depth of expertise in serving its clients’ diverse investment needs in corporate finance, equities, and futures brokerage services. And also holds a total of 12 trading rights on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange as evidence of its strong position in Hong Kong’s highly competitive financial arena.

At a Glance

Security Awareness

Evaluate and reinforce

Phishing Campaign

tailored to its environment

What brings them to MXC

To evaluating the company awareness when victims might be tricked into clicking a link through to a fake webpage to persuade them user to enter personal information.


  • Find a correct phishing template for the company.
  • Bypassing the defensive devices such as sandbox, mail scanning, anti-virus, etc.


Maximus or MXC Cyber Security Advisory was appointed immediately as their Security Consultant purely for the Phishing campaign.

During the Phishing campaign, our security consultants have identified the company employee awareness of the phishing email and the fake website. Therefore, MXC pain-point the weakness of the company department and the peoples have compromised. The compromised means security consultants can able to controls the company computer.
After the phishing campaign, MXC provide training for the company to improve the knowledge of phishing email detection.


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