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A leading IT services and solution provider in Asia provides a cloud-based solution as well as data center services. Eleven top-tier rated data centers are located with extensive infrastructure coverage in Greater China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The Company can offer a full range of cloud computing solutions, from infrastructure, management to application software to business of all sizes without additional capital investment or strong IT support. 

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Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment

Singapore MAS

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Service coverage

Greater China, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam

What brings them to MXC

All third party data centre providers offering data center colocation services to financial institutions are required to undertake a Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) study as required by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), in order to clearly establish the nature of the location’s risk and any contingent risks that cannot be addressed or are not deemed commercially sustainable. Thus, they are looking for third party security assessors to perform the Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment by identifying threats critical assets and how they may affect/impact the operations of the critical infrastructure and the safety of the personnel on-site, determining how best to mitigate those threats, based on current capabilities and resource requirements.


  • Lack of experience and professionals to perform the independent risk assessment as required by MAS.


Maximus or MXC Compliance Advisory Team was appointed as their independent assessor to perform the Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment.

To be able to demonstrates to their stakeholders, business partners and customers a “fit-for-purpose” assurance regarding the Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment on the Company’s data centres.


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